Friday, June 2

new job part 2

Ok, so I got the job at Love INC, actually started on Tuesday. It's a polar opposite from my current job (actually, former job of cashiering--done cashiering yesterday!) there are three phone lines (as opposed to 6+) no music (as opposed to country blaring all the time) and no rude customers...... It's amazing. I really enjoy it, it's a good calm down sort of time for me, very theraputic. And I go home feeling like I've helped people in some other way than merely taking their money, supporting their copenhagen habit, or help them chose new cowboy boots. It's really a good feeling, helping people with real needs, real life things that are urgent, and almost a matter of life or death. Getting your gun safe delivered today just isn't a matter of life or death, no matter what other people think!! So, that's exciting for now.
Now the real dilemma (is that spelled right?!) I have been encouraged, asked, by two people from our corporate office to apply for a part time accounting position over there (at Murdochs). And it wasn't just two random people, but one of the HR directors and one of the heads of the Accounting department. So, I applied, after Mat prodded me. He said even if you get offered the job, you can just turn it down. So, I applied. And, of course, my mind is running a million different directions, figuring out how I'm going to do all that. I'd more than likely have to quit at the store, having three jobs would be just too much. I just hate quitting jobs, ya know? And after three years, it'd be super hard. But, that's my newest excitement, and thought provoking-ness. It's hard, it seems like when it rains it pours...... where was this job 6 months ago?!?! Oh well, we'll see what happens
Mat's family is in town for Katie's graduation, I have babies to hold tonite!!!
I'll post pictures when I get them, I'm so excited!!

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Captain Ruby said...

Hey, good to hear about that job. It sounds like a good fit for you. Stay out of Big R. It'll kill you.