Friday, June 9

thunderstorms and randomness

thunderstorms are really sweet. they've been increasing in frequency lately. and i love it. lightning is great too. i really think i missed my calling as a storm chaser.....i'd love to do that. i'd totally pee my pants every day, but it'd be great. (chasing storms, not peeing my pants every day)
my darling mysha is back from her vacation, oh how i missed her. i really love her and her friendship. and her hugs are awesome!!
so, working two jobs sucks. i like both of my jobs (ok, i love working at love inc, and murdochs is ok) but working so much sucks! and trying to do crystal's wedding invitations with out anymore crises.... that's my main goal.
would you buy cards from "fresh cut greetings"? that's a good business name, right?
i love that my sister is going to cosemetology school...... i've gotten my hair foiled and acrylics put on my nails...... for free. and she did an awesome job at both. it's going to suck when she gets out and it's her source of income so i actually have to pay for things, but it'll at least be cheaper! :)
john tesh radio show..... time to go!
(when it comes on, that means it's 7:00 and time to get the h out of here!!)

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