Sunday, August 13

screaming colorado

colorado just naturally screams fun in it's name. at my husbands prompting, i'm having to specify that i am indeed very excited to move to colorado. he said the title of my last blog "colo-freakin-rado" could be interpreted as being angry about moving there, as if said through gritted teeth. but, no, i am very very excited to move to colorado. i'm excited to start out our new chapter in our life, to get to know a new city, to get to know his family. so, all that said, i'm very excited. not so excited about the whole moving process (packing, throwing things away, having mat throw my things away behind my back.... ) but once we get there, oh baby, it'll be great!

i have a phone interview on tuesday at the borders in boulder (say that ten times fast....i know i'll mess up answering the phone!!) i went in and talked to my old manager, tiffany, the other day. she told me that she basically told alison (the boulder manager) to hire me, so i'm pretty sure i'll get the job. but, i'm also kinda counting my chicks before they get laid, i guess we'll see what happens on tuesday. mat on the other hand, has high hopes of feeding grandma's dog by hand every day. just kidding.... he has put in his resume at a couple hotels, and 7-11, so we'll see what comes of that. just kidding, no 7-11, but at a couple other high end hotels and resorts ( pretty snazzy!) i'm not worried about him finding a job at all. he's very good at what he does and he's never been turned down for a job that he's interviewed for.... and that has gone to his head!!! :)

we are having some pictures taken this afternoon. one of our friends is a photography major, and i thought it'd be nice to get some portraits of us taken, even nicer now that we are moving. hopefully we can get some good ones with the mountains in the background to remind us of.....awwww.... montana. mat really wants to take them in the front yard so we don't have to go anywhere, so he doesn't miss the baseball game... you can see where his priorities are! :) i think it'll be fun, i love having pictures taken like that... makes me feel like a movie star.... cheesy! :)

ok, that's all for now. we gotta go get all prettied up for our photo shoot..haha! "ttfn" from mat!

p.s. bring it on three released straight to dvd this week. what a monumental week for those who love the movie trilogy. should be a good one, all those released straight to dvd are, aren't they?

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