Friday, July 18

note to self

When sending a birthday gift.....or any gift for that matter, in july....... don't send chocolate.....
while i totally love chocolate in all it's forms, varieties and colors..... the presentation of this is a little.....lacking. no fun chocolate seashells or sea horses as originally intended... just chocolate blobs. dont' get me wrong, we are still partaking in the deliciousness. it is just a little messier. my darling cryssy sent me this deliciousness for my birthday. now our freezer is fully stocked of all sorts of abstract chocolate shapes, just waiting to be devoured.
also, in a stroke of inspiration from sarah, i have finally done something with the blank wall by our dining room table. i personally think it turned out beautifully.

i'm very proud of myself for my little spark of creativity. i got some papers at hobby lobby, got that darling little "no place like home" sign at hallmark (75% off!!! how could i pass that up?!?!) and got the mirror for a $5 steal at target. i love it. it makes the room appear so much bigger too. it's great.

so, i got another promotion at work and started shifting into that this week. i am now an asset specialist, which means i work more closely with agents and brokers and the properties getting them ready for market. so far, i'm very overwhelmed, but that's to be expected. most of the week i was doing my old position (contract prepping) full time, while trying to stay caught up with the tasks for my new position (the girl who was in it quit suddenly on monday...) and train the temp who is taking my place. it was a hectic week, but i think the change is for the better. i think i'll get a raise, and it's always good to be advancing and learning new things and being challenged. this one will definitely challenge me to be making decisions better, making phone calls and not letting broker intimidate me. we'll see how it goes!

our house is still a million degrees, nothing seems to help. i think i have convinced mat to get our a/c unit out of the garage and put it in our bedroom so we can sleep in our bed as opposed to the basement guest bed, where we've been sleeping for the past week. call me crazy, i just prefer sleeping in our own bedroom. hopefully we can get that up and running this weekend and make it more bearable upstairs.

we are leaving in 11 days for montana....i can't hardly wait. i am so excited to see mysha and my family and mat's family...... i just can't wait. it'll be a busy week, but so worth it. we'll get to see my cousins, my cousins' baby (who is 1 1/2....hardly a baby anymore!!!) it'll be great. i'm really looking forward to it. plus, what a great break from work. i'll be in my new position for 2 1/2 weeks and then leave for a week..... i'll feel bad for all the people who'll have to cover for me, but it'll be well deserved break! but, before that, we are going to heavenfest.....mat finally decided he could take saturday the 26th off, even tho we leave on the 30th for montana. i'm so so so so excited to go!! can't effing wait!!

can't get enough of:
thunderstorms (i think there is one brewing right as we speak!)
neon pink toenails
reading for pleasure....until august 25th at least!
the fresh prince of bel-air


sarah said...

Wow! awesome carly! i've been reading your blog regularly! miss you!

April said...

Hi Carly....I guess I did not keep our last convo and had no other way to get a hold of you....sorry.

Please contact me today and let me know if you still want your towels.