Thursday, January 8


i only have a couple minutes to post: my uber fancy velveeta-salsa dip is microwaving. i know, i'm pretty fancy. i'm taking a cue from heather and summarizing my holidays in some lists.

gifts i gave:
* an uber nice wool peacoat to the hubs
* a multitude of gifts at thanksgiving time--i only shipped O-N-E gift this holiday season!
* christmas plates and cups for little kiddos
* everything covered with stars for my sister
* pricess much cooler does it get?!?!
* a beautiful frame to my bestie....with some great pics of us from way back when
gifts i received:
* "sacred marriage" "sacred influence" and "sacred parenting" by gary thomas....excellent books!
* a beautiful sewing machine....that i can't figure out!
* music on my cell phone from my babes
* delightful scentsy's amazing!
* two puffy warm vests. they are amazing!!
* a wonderful sinus infection from the 8 month old twins....well worth it! :)
who i met:
* mat's grandpa leon and his wife alice. been married almost five years and i've never met him. he's not nearly as angry and scary as everyone made him out to be!!
* great-aunt gladys (mat's grandma's sister) and her husband and daughter. it was great to meet them and spend time with them
* wyatt and willow, the afforementioned eight month old twins
* my dear friend joy's man, russ
traditions we held to:
* a real christmas tree, despite all of the needles i am still finding everywhere!
* eggs benedict for just the two of us on christmas morning
* gifts from santa
* christmas with mat's whole family on the 26th
* new years eve at mat's aunt and uncle's with prime rib and crab legs
* another year of not attending zoo lights
* watching elf
the past two weeks were insanely busy and hectic, with working so much and still spending so much time with the family. we made countless trips to boulder to see the family, plus a trip to cheyenne to see grandpa leon, but it was so worth it. i love mat's family, and it is so good to spend time with the kids and adults, catching up and laughing together. it's good for my heart. if i can't be around my family at christmas time, there is no other family i'd be with. they are amazing people, full of life and love and joy. it was an amazing time!

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