Thursday, January 8

some pics

i couldn't figure out the pictures with my last post, so here are some from the weeks of christmas and new years. in no particular order.
mat and i playing guitar hero together. we played on one guitar, my sister on the other. level, expert.......she still beat us!!!con and mat playing guitar hero..... can you tell what he got for christmas? :)
katie, mat's sister, and of the twins :)
me and ashton about to open presents. he just learned how to whistle before they came out from california....the whole time they were out here, you could hear him whistling wherever he cute!!!
chef jaidyn and ashton.
clockwise: wyatt with mom catherine, jaidyn, ashton, carson and willow using mat's guitar hero boxes as a racetrack for their cars.
chase strumming what he thought was a was a fishing pole! :)
mat with willow, the other twin. :) looks good holding a bebe, doesn't he? ;)
so there is our christmas in a few pictures. obviously lots of kiddos, presents, guitar hero and family. such a great time!! now, to watch football! :)

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