Monday, January 12

self portrait

i like the idea of taking a self portrait every week. i don't know if it's something i can hold to, but so far it's been fun. since it's already three weeks into the new year, here are my three sp's so far for 2009

i was not looking the hottest a couple nights ago....... so i thought i'd do a foot shot. but i really love my toes. most people hate feet, but i like my bare piggies. i heart my tattoo, it reminds me of florida and my honeymoon with my wonderful hubs. i love my toe rings, bought in thailand. and my pink tootsies :)
kinda a scary pic, but it was really cold today. and we got about 6 inches of snow. hehe :)

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Chris and Crystal said...

you make me laugh....that last picture is funny...I almost wondered if we lived in the same state.