Thursday, October 2

catching up part two

my parents and sister came out for a long weekend over labor was great. we went up to estes park for a day. walked around, looked in the shops.... found out my father is a guy fiere look alike.....scary!!! but so funny!! we laughed so hard in that store!!!con almost couldn't ride the go-karts!!
and then she hung out with obama after the dnc...
the rockies game went into extra innings....we had a mini photo shoot!!

super shi moved down to colorado springs this summer...and she came up and spent the day with me a couple weeks ago. we had a good calzone-y lunch at old chicago and went to a rockies game. seats weren't originally where i wanted them to be, but we had a really good's so good to have her living closer!!!
it as a good & fruity time!! haha! (do not be decieved...they are not good, just fruity!)
!!!danger warning!!!
that's right, two people to a step!! (pssst....we didn't hold the hand rail either!!)
military appreciation day at the rockies
sad day....last home rockies game of the season! :( as you can see, we spent a fair amount of our time at coors field. it was a great summer, lots of baseball, a weeklong trip home, my family came out to visit, some friends moved closer...all in all, it was a good summer. thanks for sticking with me during the sporadic posts... :)
oh yeah....almost forgot. mat got a new truck. we test drove it when we were home, and bought it from danhof. my parents hauled it down with them when they came. pretty sweet ride...with, yes...plenty of room for car seats :)

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