Sunday, October 12

day 7: sushi with hubs

one week down one to go. today was a fine day. mat and i had the day off together, and, as usual we slept in.... missed church. i like to think if our church was closer we'd be better about going, but he doesn't agree. who knows? anyway, we slept in today, watched some episodes of the office....then finally got our fat duffs of the couch and went to the gym. it was a super cold day, and all i wanted to do was stay bundled up at home, but it was good to go to the gym.

speaking of the gym, it's funny where temptation creeps up. when i'm working out, i always read magazines, and 90% of them are perpetually advertising for something new, something flashy and pretty, something to make me run faster or be more disciplined (haha!) it's hard to not be tempted to earmark the page and check it out online...i mean, comon....check out these shoes. i'd definitely run faster in these babies! but then, it's all part of the mass media and their influence on the advertising, and therefore on my thinking. of course the spokespeople for these shoes can run fast and have six packs...they are professional athletes, or at very least, disciplined models who look like athletes... the commercials are geared towards suckers like myself, who think that with the latest shoes or shorts or whatever, i'll be more dedicated and work harder to get in shape....when in actuality, i'll still be lazy and neglect my gym membership...but just have new shiny shoes. it's taken a project like this, and a class like sociology, to realize the pull the media really has on people like me, the influence advertising and magazines "reviewing" the latest products has to get me to be unsatisfied with what i already have, and buy even more things....

all that being said, i had a really good day. after the gym, we went out to aurora to visit some friends we hadn't seen in a long time. it was good to just sit and chat with them, catch up on life and everything. good afternoon. we stopped for sushi on the way home, it was a very good dinner together, out of the house, enjoying eachother company. we came home, i am planning on jumping into bed and working through my bible study from the snuggly warmth of my bed. it was a really good day....and technically i didn't spend a dime!

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