Wednesday, October 8

day 3: are you kidding me?

i was so good this morning after my dentist appointment, i didn't even give starbucks a second thought (despite not sleeping well again last night...) i think it was the clean feeling of my teeth that i thoroughly enjoyed....and, side note, that i have no cavities..

this afternoon some women from work were mumbling about getting dairy queen....oh how i wanted a blizzard, or even just a dilly bar...but knowing that most of my money is already allocated for the week, i refused. fran even offered to pay for me, and i politely declined. i am proud of myself and my willpower. i might even lose some weight doing this whole project! :)

then.....i get home....and look what was in the mailbox. comon--are you kidding me?? pottery barn, crate and barrel (in my defense, that came a couple days ago, but i just now looked through it this afternoon) and a coupon for free bath & body works?? and yes, it touts things to help you sleep.... come on. for real? you can't make this stuff up people. i just don't understand it.

i think we are going to go to the gym now....i'll drool over the pottery barn stuff whilst i burn the calories from the pear i had, rather than my dairy queen. please understand i'm not at all bitter...i'm actually happy with myself. i'm realizing how quickly i usually fritter away our money. as mat put it yesterday "nickel and diming" it away. i really do. it's amazing how quickly a coffee today and a blizzard tomorrow can add up, and then i wonder why i always feel like we have no money. i am really learning about myself through this project, and how materialistic i can be.... even now looking at pottery barn, i want this desk so bad for my card-making stuff, when i have a perfectly good area already established downstairs, which did not cost me $$1,099 plus shipping and tax. interesting thoughts flowing through my head. i guess i'll just start working on a christmas list :)

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