Saturday, October 18

day 13: nearly there

i didn't feel very good today, so i didn't feel like doing much of anything. i had high hopes of cleaning out the garage and being as productive as i was last week, but something didn't make me feel very good, so i was really lazy. i have to admit, i did spend some money though. i saw a really great recipe on tv, so i had to stop somewhere and get some avocado for that. and we are decorating our office like willy wonka for halloween, so wanted to rent the movie to "do some research" and poke around hobby lobby for some ideas. i tried to be good though. oh, there were so many things that, two weeks ago i wouldn't have given a second thought to buying impulsively, different decoration things i would have "needed" and just snatched right up. but i was refrained. i didn't even get anything card-making related in the clearance section. i decided that 1) i have more stuff already than i will use in a very long time and 2) that can be something i can spend birthday, christmas, or "extra" money on, and it'll be more fun to go when i have more to spend, guiltlessly :) That's my rationale.
i think overall i spent about $15 at target, blockbuster and hobby lobby which, given my past and how much i usually spend in those places without a thought, is amazing. the rest of the night was spent a the gym (i'm telling you, it has been my lifesaver for not spending--and i'm getting more in shape!) eating our delicious quinoa dish that i made with my avocado and watching willy wonka. even though i cheated, i still feel like i have come a long way over the past two weeks. so far, it's been a good experience. more to come as i wrap this thing up :)

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ashley d! said...

are you watching my life??!! ha!! that hobby lobby trip sounds like 100% me. i'm also trying to practice restraint and it's far, far harder than i ever expected! good luck to us!