Saturday, October 11

day 6: simple pleasures

so, today was a good day. i discovered the joy of producing things with my hands rather than wasting time watching tv or wondering aimlessly around colorado mills. i went to the grocery store, which was slightly tempting, but i think i did pretty good. i did spend a lot there, but pretty much on neccessities. i didn't even make a detour to starbucks when i got to the store...aren't you proud of me?

i decided to spend the afternoon baking and candle-making (as i mentioned last night) and it was a lot of fun. i made 5 big loaves and 3 small loaves of banana bread, 4 big loaves and 3 small loaves of pumpkin bread, a crock pot full of chili, two candles, wrapped three presents to be distributed tomorrow, and did a little fall-ish decorating. it was a very productive, yet relaxing day. i got a lot done, and i don't feel like the day was wasted at all. sometimes i peruse the library's time management books, but this week, not spending and shopping has given me more time. sounds simple, the less time i spend wasting at target or colorado mills...buying things i don't remotely need, the more time i have to do homework or take care of the know, all the things i stress out about doing any other week. funny how that works.

i have to admit, i did do some online shopping today, mostly for mat's christmas present. but, i didn't get anything...i'm going to wait for a sale!

tomorrow will be a good day. we get to spend the day together, which is always nice, but i won't have homework to be done nagging me in the back of my mind. we are going to church, maybe lunch with some friends, mat needs some new khakis for work, then we are heading out to aurora to see some friends we haven't seen in a while, and then some other friends from montana who are out here to bring the baby to childrens hospital. and, since we have bread coming out of our ears, we will be bestowing it upon all of those people....hehe. it was a really good day today, i feel very refreshed and recharged after having such a productive day. :) week down, one to go...

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