Monday, October 6

colorado springs

last weekend we had some (new) friends over from church to play games. thought i would share the yumminess that was that afternoon. i made a bunch of snackies and we played trivial pursuit--pop culture edition. it was a really fun weekend with some new friends. it will definitely be a regular occurrence on sunday afternoons at the smith house!!!

saturday we went down to colorado springs to spend the weekend with our friends, tyler and nicole. nicole is one of mat's really good friends from high school, and her husband is a tennis coach at the air force academy. they just moved down to colorado springs this summer, and it was high time we get down there to see them!! we tailgated with them and went to the football game. it was a lot of fun. after the game, we went to the golden bee, a piano bar in colorado springs. it was so much fun--i would have photos, but my camera battery died :( however, it was a g-r-e-a-t night with good friends. we are so glad to have them living closer!! yesterday we caught up with shilo at the outlet mall and spent a little time with her too. it's good to make new friends, but it's also great to have old friends living closer. it was such a fun weekend!!
(arg...these photos are driving me crazy...sorry they are so schizophrenic!!)

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