Friday, October 17

day 12: old navy

ok, i'm almost there. i was starving this morning, and....what do you know? some girls were ordering from deli-zone, so i spent $4 of my last $5 on a delicious breakfast sandwich. definitely worth it!! i had been thinking about saving it for later in the weekend, and maybe getting a yummy warm pumpkin spice chai or something equally delcious, but i was just too hungry this morning to wait!! it was delicious. made me think more about how easily i succumb to temptation so often, but also how our culture is so "instant gratification" ... i want what i want right NOW.... but more on that later.

mat took me out for lunch this afternoon....just to subway but it was equally delicious. although eating out twice in one day is definitely something that doesn't happen much at all, nor will it be happening anymore. through much discussion the past two weeks, we have decided to stick with the "allowance" ... but this time for both of us. we looked at our finances and how much we managed to save last week and decided that it was a great idea. so, he went to the bank this morning and brought me back a fresh crisp $20 for my two weeks allowance. it is kinda going to suck at first, knowing that now this is real and not just for my project, but i think overall it will be really good for me, and for both of us. it will force me to have better money management and force both of us to save more (although left to his own devices, mat would save pretty much every cent!)
all that being said, i did cheat tonight and it felt great! i had done some online CHRISTMAS shopping at old navy at work and was about to order everything that way (less temptation than in the real store) but they wouldn't let me use both my coupon and my free shipping. so i decided "this is dumb, why would i pay shipping when the store, is like 2 miles away" so i went to the store, got more things that i had picked out online.....and spent less $$!!! they had even better prices in the store than online, so i actually saved even more money by just going to the store. i managed to get the little shopping bug out of my system, and didn't even get anything for myself!! it definitely made me feel better, and i've got a jump on christmas, since we are doing half of it in november when we go home for thanksgiving.... i'm so happy!!!