Tuesday, October 14

day 9: halloween

today was interesting. i already had lunch, leftover chili i brought for lunch yesterday (but didn’t eat since i had my delicious, FREE queso and chips!!) so i had a good, warm, filling lunch. i did, however, spend my lunch break moseying around the halloween store with brandy. we both kind of need ideas for our work dress up, so we just walked around looking at all the interesting (read: who-er-ish) costumes they have there. in a stroke of brilliance (i’m not that brilliant to begin with….) i decided not to bring my wallet. brandy was driving, i wasn’t planning on buying anything, so there really wasn’t a point to it. just more temptation. we walked around, and i was amazed with the amount of money people spend on halloween. coming from someone who just started really getting into halloween a few years ago, it’s astounding how expensive even children’s costumes are. astounding. when, if people put their minds to it, it really wouldn’t be all that difficult to create most of the costumes we saw at the shop. i mean, if you look hard enough for a blue plaid dress, you too could be dorothy…..all without spending $50 on a costume which will only be worn once anyway. it’s just a testament to our “instant gratification” society….. lack of planning creates people, parents, who will spend anything to make their child or themselves happy, as if halloween snuck up on them. it’s on the same day every single year, people!! as is christmas. yet every year, how much money is spent impulsively on christmas eve, because of lack of planning and foresight. because what is going on now in ones life is more important than saving some money, exercising some creativity and…um…conservation? i don’t know. that’s my rant for the day

we went and worked out after work today. it was good to be running and working out again. and i didn’t feel so bad lazily lounging on the couch afterwards either. makes me feel less wasteful either. my money gets taken out of our account monthly, whether we go to the gym or not. it feels good to be taking advantage of something that i am paying for anyway….rather than just wasting that money too.

we are on the downward slope of the project. so far, so good. it’s been….surprisingly fun. (shhhh, don’t tell anyone i said that!)

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