Wednesday, October 15

day 10: cheap gas and interesting discussions

oh my word…, today, i kinda cheated. i had to get gas…..i was below empty. i knew it would be more than $10, but i still tried to get it as cheaply as i could. i decided to go to safeway, because i knew i had a fuel discount there. little did i know it was 20 cents off per gallon! and…even littler did i know, that gas at safeway was $2.99 per gallon. meaning i filled up my car for $2.79 a gallon. or $35 total!! it was amazing. even though i kind of cheated, i still feel good about the money i spent. it wasn’t frivolous or impulsively. it was well thought out and a necessity. and i bargain hunted! J

tonight mat and i were discussing getting a costco card, to cut down on needless, multiple trips to places like target, and to save a little money in the long run by stocking up on things (i think we decided to go for it…) and christmas, as we are doing half (with my family) of christmas early, at thanksgiving when we go home. i think it’ll stress me out to prepare for a week long trip, a-n-d getting christmas gifts a month early, but it will be good to get it out of the way. it will kind of stagger the expenses associated, sadly enough, with christmas. so, anyway, talking about all these things got us talking about this project and how i feel about it. so far, i feel really good about it. it’s been a little tough, just because i have to be more choosy about what i spend and when i spend it. and half of my allowance this week went to getting my boss flowers for bosses day (tomorrow) it kinda sucked, but it was nice to be able to get them for her, and i don’t feel like such a free loader and non-contributor…

anyway….. i digress. talking about my project lead us to decide to try and keep up with this whole allowance, limiting our spending, and such. we were able to put $200 back into our savings account this last week!!! i can’t believe it. and if we are able to save/pay down our credit cards that quickly, it’s all worth it. mat’s always been a huge saver, and i have always been a huge spender. however, i really want to get some things paid down or paid off before we have a bebe, and this is one really easy way to do it. we talked about, at the beginning of the month, going to the atm and getting out our $40 each, and that is our spending $$ for the week. we can each spend it how we see fit, but when it’s gone, it’s gone. or we can save it and get something bigger, but that is our “mad money” i think that it is a great idea. and really important to me. and…. (another and) if we do in fact decide to get a costco card…..we will for surely go together (can you imagine me getting out of control alone at a costco??? yikes!) and i think it will cut down on my multiple trips to target…one for shampoo, the next day for contact solution, the next day for…who knows what. that is my optimistic idea…time will tell…

the point of this project was the social change that can happen in making a lifestyle change. so far, the biggest change that has occurred is in my marriage. my coworkers know i’m not spending money, but it hasn’t inspired them, or anything like that. it has, however, made my husband happier. and that is the most important relationship i am a part of, so happiness there is pivotal. happiness there translates to overall happiness in my everyday life, which i am sure effects my coworkers. so far, this has been a really good experience. just a few days left. lets see how inspirational i can be! J

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