Tuesday, October 7

day two: i'd like a starbucks

today was a little more difficult. i didn't sleep well again last night, and my ever-encouraging husband rolled over this morning and said "just leave for work early and stop at starbucks".... thank you darling. it was hard to not stop for a piping hot mocha. but, of course i remembered my project...and the fact that we have coffee at work...and the fact that i really shouldn't drink coffee anyway. i caved only slightly and had some coffee at work, but it was free.

other than my sleep deprived morning the day was pretty typical. i did homework at lunch and ate the lunch i packed. i went straight home after work, kept my blinders on, and didn't make a detour to target. although, i know the week will only get harder.....i am usually pretty focused and motivated at the beginning of the week...and as it progresses, i lose motivation and just want to peruse target. i'm going to have mat mail some things for me, because the post office i go to is right next to big lots....and they have killer scrapbooking supplies...and tons of other useless things that i "need". so far in this project i'm already seeing a pattern in needs and "needs".... it'll be interesting to see my insightfulness grow as the project progresses.

tomorrow morning i have a dentist appointment. i'm fairly sure it'll be more than my allotted $10, but i made the appointment a couple weeks ago, and since it's been over 2 years since my last dentist visit, i figure it's a legitimate need. i'm a little scared though...as it is literally next door to a starbucks. must...stay....strong.

question....does it defeat the purpose to let my friends buy me lunch on thursday so that i can still go with them? especially if i will then owe them? i can't decide....oh i want thai food though. thoughts??

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