Sunday, October 19

day 14: the forbidden land of costco

so today, after much thought and discussion, we decided to get a costco card. we went to church--for the first time in almost a month...terrible, i know--and after that ventured to costco. our first time through was a trial run. we saw mat's aunt geri and the kids at church, and they were headed to costco, so we went to the costco in superior, got our membership, and weaved through the aisles with geri, a four year old, and a three year old. practice on so many levels. we decided to head home and actually purchase things at the costcto closer to our house, so we kissed the kids and headed down to arvada. it was a good time. we spent, as mat said "too much money on nothing" but i think we did pretty good. we got a scale, which we've never had since we've been married. and with us both trying to get in better shape, it'll be nice to have a consistent place to weigh ourselves and keep track of things that way. we got abotu 7 lbs of fish (now in the freezer) some bread, some delicious fuze drinks for me, trail mix.... overall got some good things, i thought. it's definitely a place that we decided neither one of us is allowed to go to alone. i would buy anything and everything, and mat.....well, he would buy us a new huge flat screen tv. :) it's interesting what different people are attracted to in a situation like that, huh? so, anyway, after completely cheating and blowing my whole project at costco, we came home for a bit, then rode bikes to play tennis. neither one of us were very into it, but we had fun nonetheless. it's fun to just spend time together. we watched the amazing race, i did some homework, chatted with mom, and now i'm headed to bed. good sunday :)

on a side note, it was good to talk to my momma today. we talked about my project, about not spending money for two weeks and what it has done for me personally and for me and mat's savings, and our relationship. she was funny, asking me questions about what she had planned for her week "is getting your nails done a neccessity? is getting your hair done a neccessity?" i had to think about getting my hair done--neccessity or not? more importantly, is there a way to do it and save some money in the process? i usually color my own hair...or let my sister do it when we are home or she comes down here. i think that spending $100+ on a hair cut and color is ridiculous, and i'm pretty sure i'd be kicked out of our house if i did that... but i think that little things like that are neccessary, as i'm not even going to try to cut my own--or mat's--hair!! but, again, those are usually more planned expenses, rather than spur-of-the-moment, "sure, i'll get my hair cut" expenses. and this whole project was about deleting the thoughtless, spur of the moment, whatever spending that i have done so freely in the past. i don't know. if nothing else, it's been interesting talking to people about it, especially my mom. (hi mom!)

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