Monday, October 13

day 8: half way there

day eight. and to date, technically i've only spent $10.85 I did spend a good chunk of change at the grocery store, but i'm not counting that, because it was a neccessity, and not my frivilous, thoughtless spending that usually dominates our online bank statement. i think that i've done really good at budgeting my money, and saying no. brandy asked if i wanted to go to target with her at lunch....i thought about it....but said no. (homework has been a convenient excuse!) but seriously, i have gotten a lot more done these past two weeks during the week, leaving my weekends relatively free for other baking..and candlemaking!! :)

my bonus, cheap, dutch move of the day though, came when brandy also told me she was going to qdoba for lunch. well....hold the phone just a minute!! i had a free chips and queso coupon that i had her bring along and redeem for me. oh, delicious queso-ness. it was great. another thing this week has taught me, something i lost after getting married and subsequently moving within delivery or driving range of pretty much any restaurant i want to go to.... the beauty and joy of a meal out. growing up, eating out was truly a treat, and not something that happened with any regularity. neither was hamburger helper, but that's a whole other story. we ate out...maybe once a month. i don't think it was because we couldn't afford it, but just because we lived so far away from town, my dad worked hard, long hours, and my mom was (is) an amazing cook. eating out was truly a treat. that is definitely something i lost the last few years. something i really want to gain back. rather than going to qdoba every other day (i really could go every day!) i want to go less often, and more often bring my own lunch. it's being healthier, and more economical. but it also makes the time we do go out to eat that much better and more special. not something expected, or "deserved" but something that is a treat. just an interesting thought i had today. (yes, while devouring my free chips and queso!!!)

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