Thursday, October 9

day 4: ten dollars well spent

so today was the day that some coworkers and i were to go out for lunch. thai lunch. we had been talking about it for weeks. first, when i started this whole project, they offered to buy me lunch and i could pay them back after my project.....which, i decided, rather defeated the purpose. i decided to either share with brandy, or just use my $10 wisely and go anyway. i couldn't miss out on thai iced tea....i had been thinking about it all week.

so, i went, and it really was amazing. i had soup for lunch...and my delicious thai iced tea. it was everything i hoped it would be and more. and i think that, since i hadn't had starbucks or anything else "extravagant" in the mornings all week, it was that much better. i'm beginning to understand the idea of a "treat" rather than just something i deserve. i'm also realizing that, just because my funds are limited, i can still have a good time.

i truly had a good time today with friends. something, honestly, i haven't experienced as much in colorado as i'd like. these moments have been few and far between, but the fact that they all wanted me to join them so much, that they were willing to lend me money, really meant a lot to me. even though it would have only been 10 or 12 bucks, the fact that these people wanted my company, and wanted me to experience a delicious new restaurant with them spoke volumes to me. and the fact that, through my careful budgeting, i was able to experience it with them is really meaningful to me. i know these are pretty profound thoughts for just a silly lunch, it was a profound lunch for me. i really take for granted our monetary situation, and the fact that, this week, i spent all my money for the week on one lunch is a big deal. but this project is teaching me to prioritize my money and really think about my purchases, rather than just blindly spend. so far, only four days in, this has been a really educational process.
i'm off to t-r-y and get some sleep....must be something about not spending money that is preventing me from sleeping well....haha!

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