Thursday, October 16

day 11: tension headache

today has been an ok day so far….. i haven’t felt very good. i have a super bad tension headache, which makes me cranky. and i did cheat. i went to target and got some excedrin tension headache….and a juice. shhh, don’t tell. i just felt like, i was going to be miserable for the rest of the day if i didn’t get something for my noggin, and i was at target and couldn’t resist the temptation of a delicious strawberry melon juice. however, i still only spend about $6, so i’m only technically over by $1, but i still have my $5 cash. maybe lunch tomorrow, we’ll see….

i think this week has been better than last week. i have slightly gotten out of the habit of wondering around target after work, which makes it easier to just go home after work and do my homework. and mat and i have been really good about going to the gym after work, which means i have between 30 and 50 minutes after work to get home and be ready, otherwise he’d rage on me (not really, he’d just make me feel guilty…. ) so i’ve been more motivated to go home, and then go to the gym. and it’s been good to go to the gym too… we are both getting healthier and saving more money. tonight i have an appointment at 5, hopefully i can still make it to the gym before it gets too late. and then the office is on tonight too, so it’ll be easy to spend the night at home. this weekend will be harder. it’s sad how everything that is “fun” to do with my friends costs money. i’ll probably just go home and do homework. cleaning out the garage is my project for saturday. there is plenty to do around the house, with my hands, that doesn’t cost money… hopefully the weekend isn’t too hard. i guess we shall see.

headache headache….go away!!

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